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Rates Effective: January 14, 2016

Safe Deposit Box Rates


Box Size Annual Rent
3x5 $20.00
5x5 $30.00
3x10 $45.00
5x10 $55.00
11x10 $75.00

Service Fees

Service Fee
Late Fee $10.00
Security Key Deposit, Required Upon Opening $10.00
Key Replacement $10.00
Drilling and Lock Replacement Actual Cost From Locksmith
No prorated refund if box is closed before the annual renewal date.

Credit Union Membership
 One time membership fee = $5.00. Membership share = $5.00. Membership is required to renting a safe deposit box.

Annual Fee will be deducted from the member account on the first day of the month of the rental anniversary date. 

Identification and signature is required each time you want to open your safe deposit box.

Please refer to your Safe Deposit Box Agreement for additional information.